Study and work in Australia

First of all we would like to congratulate you for taking a wise decision of studying and working in Australia. The biggest benefit of studying in Australia is that its not as expensive as USA and UK. Secondly, you can get an international education degree of high level same as those countries.

At AEDA, we give free advice to the students who are planning to study and work in Australia and guide them to choose the best university. We also assist them in settling down in Australia as we understand the difficulties they may face in an unknown country. We help them in also finding the work so that they can survive while studying in Australia.

Basically, our services related to study and work in Australia include visa processing, university selection, academic course selection, job search assistance, accommodation search and other general welfare services to the students willing to migrate to Australia for further studies.

So, if you are in search of student agent consultant in Australia, you can totally rely on us for your visa, admission and job assistance as we are legally registered and have complete knowledge of rules and regulations related to visa and immigration in Australia.