IELTS prepares students well to go abroad

To our surprise, the students really appreciate doing the IELTS preparation – and having the diploma afterwards – as they too see the range of skills as useful.
There is no irrelevant vocabulary or grammatical areas to learn – just the stuff to survive, communicate and be operational in an academic or professional context. We pride ourselves at EMAC on an extensive international exchange program. IELTS prepares those students well and enables us to monitor a given student’s readiness to go abroad.

The Secret of Success from AEDA (Senior Lecturer)

  • Ti ps and Guidance that you will value
  • Unlimited hours of lessons
  • Individual Attention
  • Special guidance on latest materials & changes
  • Instructions to achieve target or required band score with proper planning & innovation etc.

To Whom

  • Students selecting foreign universities & colleges for their future studies.
  • (PR) permanent residence visa
  • Family migration
  • Overseas job seekers.
  • Business visas for Australia