Yes! we can advise you on Countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada.

Yes, you can extend your studies in Australia as long as your visa allows it. If you get a student visa with no further stay note, you will have to leave the country to apply again.

Yes international students are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during the school term-time.

AEDA always provide Expertise, accurate & caring service to our valuable clients. AEDA and our partner AIMC Australian Visas have recruited lot of students to Australia over the last 6 years in this business together. Our Director and our Australian Lawyer Rosa Lidia Paul (Registered Migration Agent- MARA: 0901242) is one to the most experienced and most qualified migration agent in Australia. She is the most experienced practitioner in Melbourne Victoria as she is the first one that completed the Master of Migration Law in Melbourne through Griffith University in 2012. We are so proud about our achievements & very happy to continue our good works in the years to come.

For some cases ‘NO’. You will receive the required information during your consultation.

We consulting our students properly to help them to find the right course & the right place to study. That’s our first step. Then we will process their visa application from A-Z.

Study abroad equips you to take on additional challenges. It makes you more marketable in terms of employment prospects. These days it takes more than simply a good academic record to get you into a good job. You need to consider the investment in study abroad against the overall advantage to your academic and professional career.

Furthermore, don’t forget the personal experience you are gaining along the way. It is well worth the price! Don’t forget the AEDA is also offering you courses for very low price. So you don’t have to worry about prices much.

Australia is an internationally recognized source of high quality education as well as research excellence. Australian universities, vocational and technical education colleges and schools are world-class. And Australia is a world leader in English language courses for international students. Multicultural Australia is a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel in an English speaking country. Australia also offers excellent value for money and a high standard of living.

These vary between study programs and levels. AEDA team will help you identify and satisfy the entry requirements of your chosen course. For each course you will need to meet a minimum English language requirement.

Registered migration agents are required to provide you with a written advice about the fee they will charge and the service they will provide, act professionally and in a timely manner and abide by the migration agent’s code of conduct.

Applying for visas can be very tricky and complicated and require a thorough knowledge of the specific country laws and visa processing.The requirements for a visa application can be very long and complex. Filling up forms is only one aspect but if you don’t meet the requirements of the visa you wish to apply for you may be just filling up forms with no chance of obtaining a visa. Immigration Laws changes from time to time. You may fit the requirements for a successful visa application on one day and not be eligible for the same visa the next. One small error could leave you with the visa being rejected.An expert migration agent knows the Australia’s visa system inside out. A skilled migration agent job is to keep you up to date with the latest immigration laws changes. A migration agent would be able to guide you and assist you successfully through the complex twists and turns of Australia’s visa system by guiding you through the various different types of visas that may suit your circumstances and provide you with up to date information on immigration requirements and laws. In addition to providing you with up to date information on the visa requirements, migration agents can and often complete the required paper work on your behalf and often lodge the application for you which can shorten the time before obtaining your visa.If your circumstances mean that you are unable to obtain the visa you wish for, a migration agent may provide you with various avenues that you may wish to consider allowing you to obtain the visa you originally wanted at a later date.

A migration agent is someone who can advise you on visa issue matters such as visa requirements, help you lodge visa application and deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.